Myroslava Kumka

Anatomy professor and researcher

After receiving my degree as a Medical Doctor from the Chernivtsi Medical School in the Ukraine, I continued research working on my PhD thesis on the morphogenesis of the human reproductive system. This research showed that the failure of the canalicular system of the head of epididymis to join the rete testis at the end of the 8th week of development could lead to cryptorchidism after birth.

Before moving to Canada, my research focused on prenatal morphogenesis of the human functional systems: cardiovascular, urinary, and reproductive. In my work on morphogenesis of the branching pattern of the coronary arteries, it was demonstrated that the level of the coronary artery orifice in respect to the cusps of the aortic valve could influence the coronary circulation after birth.

Since joining CMCC in the fall of 2000, I have extended my research interests to include topics closely related to the chiropractic scope of practice. My recent work has been directed toward understanding the morpho-physiological variations of the musculoskeletal and neurovascular structures in humans, and understanding the clinical implications for chiropractic treatment. I have also developed an original classification for the facsciae, with four functional fascial categories based on gross anatomical, histological and biomechanical perspectives.

I am also currently investigating the innervation of the vertebral arteries in an attempt to understand pathological and therapeutic phenomena related to the application of forces to the neck.

As an educator and Chair of CMCC’s Anatomy Department, I hope to inspire our students toward scholarly work and to mentoring their investigative projects.

Research Interests

Morpho-physiological variations of the musculoskeletal and neurovascular structures in humans, understanding the clinical implications for chiropractic treatment and classification for the facsciae.


Associate Professor, CMCC, Toronto, Canada
(2000 – 2020)
Chair, Department of Anatomy.

Associate Professor of Anatomy, CMCC, Toronto, Canada
(2000 – 2020)
Associate Professor of Anatomy.